Michael Townsend's Art

Winner of the 2008 Gryphon Award from the Center for Children's Books at the Graduate school of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign.
Starred Review from the Bulletin and also a Bulletin 'Blue Ribbon' winner!
"How can Billy Tartle make his class picture super-cool? How about a haircut--a Mohawk big spikes! And it must be bright-bright yellow, no pink, no green-- well some kinda cool color! Billy's mom just wants him to get a regular old haircut, look handsome, and smile nice-- soooo bo-ring! Will Billy be able to outwit her and kindly Barber Ken?
Of Course!
A familiar childhood ritual is given  fresh nutty spin in this tale of how kids want things to be fun and parents want things to be normal. But everybody will smile when Billy Tartle gets into the picture!"
(Publisher's Description)
"...readers with a rascally bent will likely get a kick out of Billy's overactive imagination and puckish behavior." (Publisher's Weekly)
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