Michael Townsend's Art

Janie Jane's life takes a turn for the cute when she receives an adorable puppy as a birthday present. She and Sir Yips-a-lot do everything together. But before you know it, it's Janie's birthday again and she's got a new, potentially cuter present to unwrap: Lady Meow-Meow, "The World's Cutest Kitty."
Wait! Sir Yips-a-lot has always been the cute one in Janie Jane's life. What if she doesn't need him anymore?
Michael Townsend has crafted a lighthearted romp that will help children--especially those with new siblings--recognize and overcome feelings of jealousy.
(description from the publisher)
"His (Townsed's) saccharine, pastel-hued comics imply satire yet can be read without irony, accompanied by plenty of giggling."  (Publishers Weekly)
"Cute Overload." (Kirkus)
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