Michael Townsend's Art

A 'Scholastic's Parent & Child Magazine's' April Book picks (2011)
Monkey thought Elephant was his best friend. He was even bringing him some surprise cupcakes--and found party going on that he wasn't invited to.
Elephant thought Monkey was his best friend. He was even planning a surprise wrestling party for him-- but then Monkey put all his favorite toys in the freezer!
From there the war of revenge is on, and life on their small island is becoming dangerous! Until the townsfolk find a creative way to make Monkey and Elephant talk out their problems (cement shoes, a boat, and a chisel are involved...). Happily, Monkey and Elephant realize their fight was based on a misunderstanding. But if only they had talked sooner, innocent teddies wouldn't need defrosting. 
This is a laugh-out-loud comedy of a book with the helpful message that "using your words" is infinitely better than, say, painting a mean face on their butt.
(publisher's description)
"The heavy-line cartoon illustrations populated by simple, rubber-limbed characters relate the instructive tale with pitch-perfect notes of humor and silliness that never approach the didactic" (Kirkus Reviews)
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